Terms of Use

By joining La-La you are agreeing to abide by the rules of the EULA HERE


La-La is a unique messaging platform that empowers us all with a way to share and enjoy the essence of a message within a song by way of personal recommendation fuelled with contextual relevance. This is made possible via the sharing of messages that contain an action to stream audible preview snippets via the Internet.

La-La is not a music file sharing service. You can not use La-La for sending actual music files to others. La-La allows you to access a streamable preview snippet of a song that can only be played from an Internet connected device with La-La installed.

We encourage all La-La users to support the music artists, publishers and labels by purchasing the full song if the preview snippet brought them joy.

By joining La-La you are also agreeing to abide by the rules listed below:

1, The audio featured within the La-La app is streamed from a server via the Internet. You are not permitted to obtain the audio files from the server and host them elsewhere.

2, La-La snippets are previews of songs only. They are not full music tracks.

3, You can submit snippets to info@lalamessenger.com with the subject SNIPPET and details of your submission.

4, The snippets you submit will go into a shared library that will allow all La-La users the option to use. Others will be able to report your La-La snippet if it is in violation of the rules listed here and/or if it infringes on the copyright ownership of another party. In which case we may remove it from the library.

5, Lastly, please do not harass others by using La-La as a tool to send hateful messages. Cyber bullying will not be permitted and you may find yourself suspended from the service without reason.

La-La should be used to put smiles on peoples faces. Like this :)

Music Licensing

La-La takes Music Licensing seriously and will uphold all rightful laws and regulations to remain compliant.

If you have any queries regarding Music Licensing or would like report an Infringement of Copyright, please email info@lalamessenger.com with the subject MUSIC LICENSING.

La-La can and will remotely remove any audio that is in violation from all applications within 24 hours.

Thank you for reading the Terms of Use.

If you have any questions regarding these terms, please feel free to email info@lalamessenger.com

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